Introduction to Shavers

Electric Shavers v Manual Shavers

Electric shavers are more convenient. Most of them are now portable.

The different types of Electric Shaver

There are two types of Shavers, Rotary Shavers and Foil Shavers. The Rotary Shaver consists of a set of rotating blades. The Foil Shaver consists of a set of oscillating blades.

In both types of shaver, these blades are located behind a punctured metal screen with holes or slits. The blades capture and push hairs through the screen and cut by the blades.

The metal screen protects the skin from the fast moving and sharp blades.

Electrical Shavers can vary from the basic model, which may have one head or one blade. To the more expensive models which have several heads and blades.


Braun Series 3 380s-4 Review: Keep Your Shaving Maintained

If you are looking for a shaver that can perfectly trim sideburns, beard and moustache and at the same time offer you close shave, Braun Series 3 380s-4 may be an option for you.

It is a rechargeable electric shaver with the foil system. The shaver can be used either for dry or wet shaving. It is hygienic to use because whether you shave dry or wet, you can clean and rinse the shaver with clean water.  It delivers close shave without causing any injury to the body.

The shaver is exceptionally smooth on the skin. After shaving, your face will look smooth and clean making you to look awesome. Read on to know more about this product.

Braun Series 3 390cc-4 Review → Perfect your Look

If you want to keep a well-trimmed sideburns, moustache or beard, you need a shaver like Braun Series 3 390cc-4. This model of Braun engineered to deliver excellent shaving result on any type of beards especially three-day beards. You can also use it to trim your sideburns and moustache.

The good news is whether you prefer a closer shave or just to trim your beard, you will not feel any pain, skin irritation or scratches. The device comes with enhanced features, which ensure that users have excellent shaving results. Read on to know more about this product and its features.

Braun Series 5 5030s-5 Review → Get a Closer Shave

If uncompromising performance, power, reliability, durability and performance are features that you care about in a shaver, Braun Series 5 5030s-5 may be a product that will meet your needs. Created with modern technologies and enhanced features, which any superior shaver today should have.

Shaving close or trimming with this product, does not result in any nick and skin irritation because the shaver exerts less pressure on the skin. The motor spins fine at a high speed delivering 20 percent more power.

Besides having superior performance, the shaver is exceptionally beautiful and available in a lightweight design. The battery charges quickly and then supplies power continuously for 45 minutes. Read on to know more about this shaver.

Panasonic Premium ES-LF71 Review → Easy on Sensitive Skin

Are you afraid of having skin irritation and nick resulting from a poorly engineered shaver? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you should give Panasonic Premium 4-blade ES-LF71 shaver a trial.

Shaver created with wet and dry technology, which makes shaving suitable for both wet and dry shave. Whether you want to shave under shower, with lather, oil or power, this device will give you excellent and smooth shaving result without causing you any nick or pain.

It is a cordless shaver powered with a lithium-ion battery, which is able to deliver power for the motor of the unit to spin at a high speed. With the precision trimmer, you will be able to give a perfect touch to your moustache and sideburns. Read on to know more about this unit.

Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 Review → Get a Stubble-Free Face

If you are looking for a shaver that will get the entire stumble in your face away leaving you with smooth and nice looking face, Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 may be an option for you. The shaver is a foil type strong created to a deliver superior performance.

It provides you with the flexibility of shaving wet or dry depending on your preference. It is an alternative to tradition razor and an upgrade of the present 3-blade shaving system. This product is easy to clean because it is waterproof, you can rinse it under a running tap after shaving and nothing will happen to your shaver.

It is well equipped with many other features that make shaving ease, comfortable, smooth and painless. Read on to know more about the unit.

Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Shaver Review → Get Smooth Shaving

If you are looking for a low cost shaver that will deliver perfect close shave without causing you any pain, skin injury and nick. The Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Titanium Rotary Shaver should be an option for you.

It features flexible heads, which makes for comfortable and smooth shaving experience. It also comes with retractable side and precision trimmer. The product is corded or cordless. Its rubberized grip, titanium steel design and effective battery make usage easy, efficient, comfortable and reliable.

It is also lightweight and portable in case you will like to travel with it. Read on to know more about this product.

Philips AquaTouch AT899/16 Review → Obtain a Fresh Face Always

If you want a close and comfortable shave without suffering any skin damage, Philips AquaTouch AT899/16 is a product you should know about. Whether you prefer wet or dry shaving, this product will still be an option for you.

The unit created to withstand the rigorous of everyday use. You can use when in shower with mousse or gel for improved skin comfort. If you shave dry, you can clean and wash the head utilizing the QuickRinse system of the unit. In this way, the unit will be completely free from any infection.

The unit is able to offer you a smooth close shave thanks to its triple shaving heads that is able to flex gently following our face’s contours. Read on to know more about this product.

Philips AquaTouch Plus AT890/20 Review → Comfortable Smooth Shave

What makes shaving comfortable, smooth and painless is the shaver you use. If painless, smooth, quick and comfortable shaving is what you are looking for; Philips AquaTouch Plus AT890/20 is one of the shavers that will deliver this to you.

Whether you prefer dry or wet shaving, you will still be able to use it for both wet and dry shaving. A cordless shaver requires only 60 minutes of charging for 50 minutes of shaving. It features a pop-up trimmer, which is suitable for sideburns or moustache trimming.

The shaver comes with triple head shaver and many other features that make shaving painless, comfortable, quicker and smooth. Read on to know more about it.

Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720/17 Review → Shave Clean

If you are looking for a nice product from a popular brand, the Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720 should be one of the options to consider. The shaver delivers close shaving without causing you any skin irritation.

The shaver combines excellent design, functionality, performance and durability. Its rechargeable battery delivers power continuously for 40 minutes meaning that you can use it to shave for 14 times. You can also use it as a corded shaver. It is also hygienic to use because it is washable with water after shaving.

It is able to adjust to all your face and neck’s curves delivering smoother shave. With its super lift and cut dual blade system, the unit is able to provide excellent shaving thus making your face to look neat and fresh. Read on to know more about this product.

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