Introduction to Shavers

Electric Shavers v Manual Shavers

Electric shavers are more convenient. Most of them are now portable.

The different types of Electric Shaver

There are two types of Shavers, Rotary Shavers and Foil Shavers. The Rotary Shaver consists of a set of rotating blades. The Foil Shaver consists of a set of oscillating blades.

In both types of shaver, these blades are located behind a punctured metal screen with holes or slits. The blades capture and push hairs through the screen and cut by the blades.

The metal screen protects the skin from the fast moving and sharp blades.

Electrical Shavers can vary from the basic model, which may have one head or one blade. To the more expensive models which have several heads and blades.

Rotary Shavers.

Generally consist of three spinning circular cutting heads. These heads adjust to fit the contours of your face as you shave. These form a triangular structure and you saver by moving the shaver in a circular motion. These shavers are better for cutting thicker and longer hair. In addition, they are better suited for shaving the more curvy areas of the face. This is because each blade head rotates independently. Some people find them faster than they find the foil shavers. They also tend to be quieter than rotary shavers are.

Foil Shavers.

Foil shavers have oscillating blades behind thin steel foils, which have perforations in them. The foils lift up the facial hair allowing the blades to cut the hair to give you a close shave.

Consist of a series of straight blades and you shave from right to left and up and down. They are better for cutting short and fine hair. Work well when shaving in flat areas of the face.

Experience with using Shavers

Most customers once they have had a good experience with a particular type or brand of razor tend to stick with it. This is good practice, as you need to use a razor for at least a month to ensure that it is the best for you to use.
You will not initially get the perfect shave with an electrically razor. Manual shaves do offer the closest shave, however, can cause skin irritation, cuts and nicks. With an electric razor shaving is less time can be done anywhere without the need of water.

What to look for when buying a Shaver

Cutting Performance

You should be looking for an electric shaver that rotates at greater or equal to 10,000 rpm (revolutions per minute)

Dry or Wet Shaving

If you prefer wet shaving in the shower, you need to consider a shaver that can function when it is wet.

Auto Cleaning & Charging System

Do you want to have a shaver with its own auto cleaning and charging dock? This means that you will not have to clean and charge the shaver yourself.

Shaving Time

A shaver should give you about 45 minutes of shaving time when fully charged.


Do you want to use your shaver while travelling? If so is the shaver lightweight does it come with a travel case. You need to consider how long the battery lasts before it needs recharging. Therefore, you do not need to carry extra batteries or the auto charge system on short trips.

Maintenance Costs

You need to be aware of the cost of replacement razors and cleaning cartridges if your razor is self-cleaning.

Charging Speed

If you want to use your razor more than once a day, you need to consider the charging speed of different models.
Shavers can generally take between 60 and 90 minutes to charge. Although on first charging, they may take a little longer.

Quick Charge Feature

You need to look out for a quick charge feature in case you run out of charge while you are shaving. The shaver should be able to recharge within Five minutes to allow you to compete shaving.

Battery Life

The time a battery will last once charged is important to know. Some battery charges will last less than 30 minutes so you may want to consider models, which last longer.


The standard guarantee period for razors is two years. Check also that all the shaver parts are included in the guarantee. Best not to buy a shaver with less than two years guarantee, in case there is a defect and it needs replacing.

Money back Guarantee

Check to see if there is a money back guarantee as this is as long as it takes for your hair and skin to adapt to the shaver.


Most shavers come with a pop out trimmer. You can use this to trim longer hairs and sideburns.

Buying a Brand Name

Buying a brand name such as Philips or Braun is a good idea. Although these shavers are generally more expensive than non-branded shavers they are better quality, last longer, and give a better shave. Brand name shavers tend to be better than budget shavers for ease of use, comfort and performance.