Panasonic Premium ES-LF71 Review → Easy on Sensitive Skin

Are you afraid of having skin irritation and nick resulting from a poorly engineered shaver? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you should give Panasonic Premium 4-blade ES-LF71 shaver a trial.

Shaver created with wet and dry technology, which makes shaving suitable for both wet and dry shave. Whether you want to shave under shower, with lather, oil or power, this device will give you excellent and smooth shaving result without causing you any nick or pain.

It is a cordless shaver powered with a lithium-ion battery, which is able to deliver power for the motor of the unit to spin at a high speed. With the precision trimmer, you will be able to give a perfect touch to your moustache and sideburns. Read on to know more about this unit.

Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 Description and Features

Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 is one of the newest addition to the Panasonic line of shaver and as such, it comes with enhanced features. Unlike most previous models of Panasonic, which have three blades system, this product comes with 4-blade cutting system. The system makes shaving faster, smoother and easier and thus reducing your shaving time. With the system, shaving is painless and thus men with sensitive skin can shave with it whether they want closer shave or just to trim their sideburns, moustache and beards.

It comes with a linear motor drive, which spins at a very high speed to generate good torque for the shaver from the beginning to the finish of your shaving routine. Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 is a foil system shaver featuring the revolutionary arc-shaped foil for maximum comfort and movement. As the unit glides on your face, neck and other awkward areas, it follows all the contours of your skin thanks to its multi-dimensional pivoting head. These combine with its nano-edge inner blades with optimum 30-degree angle make it possible for the unit to deliver impressive shaving results to the users.
Panasonic Premium-es-lf71
The 4-blade cutting system uses a cutting process, which consists of three stages. During the first stage, you cut long hairs with the slit foil. The lift blade as the name suggest lifts any hair lying flat in the face region including under the neck and shin. There are two finishing foils, which have the function of removing even smallest stubble giving you a smoother and painless closer shave. With this arrangement, the shaver is able to deliver the best skin comfort, irritation free and impressive shaving results.

The shaver used for wet and dry shavings thanks to the wet and dry technology used in creating them. Therefore, regardless of the shaving method you prefer, you will get the best from this unit. However, if you like, growing beards and you are only looking for a shaver with impressive precision trimming feature, Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 will meet the requirement. You can trim you sideburns, moustache or beard with it. It does not pull on your beard. Trimming is therefore smooth and painless thanks to its horizontal pop-up trimmer.

The unit like most advanced shaver from other brands comes with a lithium ion battery, which requires only an hour to charge to 100 percent completion. When it is completely charged, it gives a runtime of 45 minutes. However, there is also 5 minute quick charge options for one shave in case you are not able to wait for one hour. From the LED display, you will be able to know the battery level.

It is hygienic to use this unit because it features self-cleaning and charging system, which automatically cleans the unit and removes any unwanted particle from it. It also dries and charges the unit to make it ready for the next shaving. Besides, the unit is also washable with water.

Summary of the Features


Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71is a suitable option for men that have sensitive skin and men that suffer from skin irritation whenever the shave. It is a perfect substitute for the conventional wet razor. You can also shave dry. Whether you shave dry or wet, you will not experience any pain thanks to impressive features available in the unit. It is also hygienic to use and easy to clean because of the self-cleaning and charging system included in the package.


Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 Performance

What I like about the Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71


  • It comes with a clear and easy to understand instructions. There are neat and clear images provided to enable the users to understand the guidelines easily.
  • The cleaning and charging station included in the package is an example of excellent workmanship. With it, cleaning becomes easier and efficient. However, if you cannot pay additional money for this system, you can still clean your shaver under running water.
  • The shaver has received impressive reviews and positive comments on performance and that should be the basic defining feature of any quality product. With the four blade cutting system, you will complete your shaving routine quickly than usual and yet you will not have any skin irritation. A consumer that has used other Panasonic models before said this product was the best. Another said that shaving with this unit would leave the skin like that of a baby.
  • Any man regardless of your shaving needs can use it. If you want to shave dry, you can use it. Those who want to shave wet can also make use of this product. Whether you prefer a closer shave or just trimming, the shaver will satisfy you.
  • It is easy to use and dismantle. Its lightweight and ergonomic grip makes usage easy.
  • It comes with a zipped travel bag, this coupled with its lightweight, portability, and flexibility makes it ideal for men on the go.

What I dislike about the Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71

  • This product seems not to have any cons except that it is not very affordable.

Summary of the Review

The Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 designed for any person that prefers quality, performance, beauty and reliability. It is portable and thus easy to travel with it. It comes with all the necessary features, which any high-end shaver of today should have. This shaver is worth buying despite its high cost because you will get value for your money. If you have sensitive skin or you do not want to suffer any pain or skin rashes after shaving, this shaver should be an option for you thanks to its four blades system. You can check out the Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 at Amazon.



  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Shaver type: foil
  • Shaving method: dry and wet
  • Power type: battery
  • Battery type: lithium ion battery
  • Battery runtime: 45 minutes for full charge and one shave for the 5-minute quick charge option
  • Battery charge time: 1 hour for 100 percent time and 5 minutes for 1 shave
  • Automatic clean & charge system: yes
  • Cutting system: premium 4 blade cutting system
  • Display type: LED display