Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 Review → Get a Stubble-Free Face

If you are looking for a shaver that will get the entire stumble in your face away leaving you with smooth and nice looking face, Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 may be an option for you. The shaver is a foil type strong created to a deliver superior performance.

It provides you with the flexibility of shaving wet or dry depending on your preference. It is an alternative to tradition razor and an upgrade of the present 3-blade shaving system. This product is easy to clean because it is waterproof, you can rinse it under a running tap after shaving and nothing will happen to your shaver.

It is well equipped with many other features that make shaving ease, comfortable, smooth and painless. Read on to know more about the unit.

Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 Description and Features

This premium four-blade improves on the imperfection of the current three-blade system. The additional blade included by Panasonic engineers to make shaving easier and faster. With the four blades cutting system, you will have a faster, gentler and smoother shaving result than the traditional razor will give you. Your shaving time therefore reduces. Besides, with the fourth blade, you will be able to get rid of the last stubble on your face.

The blades are able to cut very well thanks to their sharpness. With the nano particle technology used in sharpening them, they are able to have tip edge of 0.3 microns. With this arrangement, the cutting resistance reduces by half. The motor of this shaver spins at a very high speed of 10,000 rmp. With such a high performing motor, shaving will be easier and faster. Whether you have longs or short hairs on your sideburns, moustache and beard, you will be able to trim them to the level you like and according to your ideal style thanks to the shaver’s slide-up precision trimmer. This feature will also deal with any missed areas.
Panasonic Premium ES-RF31
The product is equipped with a super flexible pivoting head, which is capable of adjusting to your face’s contour and moves up and down to a maximum of 8 mm delivering comfortable and smooth shave. The shaver comes with curved designed foil, which matches evenly on your face owing to the fact that your face is not smooth. Therefore, if you are having a closer shave regardless of the area, you will not experience any pain or skin irritation. Close shaving under the chin and throat with this arrangement becomes very easy.

The unit is a battery-powered shaver. It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which delivers power continuously for 65 minutes when it is fully charged. Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 battery charging system comes with a three function LED display that indicates when the battery is charging, when it is low and when it is fully charged.

It is a portable shaver. Its lightweight coupled with the travel pouch provided makes it an ideal shaver for people on the go.

Summary of the Features

The Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 is an option if you desire a faster and more comfortable shaving. Strongly created and equipped with all the features it requires in order to deliver superior results. Unlike other models of Panasonic, it has four blades with finishing foil. The pivoting shaving head flexes and follows the contours of your face. The battery functions very well and delivers power for many shaves. It is also hygienic to use and easy to clean.

Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 Performance

What I like about the Panasonic Premium ES-RF31

  • This shaver delivers smoother, more comfortable, painless and faster shaving results thanks to the four blades system it comes with. With the four blades, it is able to remove the last hairs on your face and give you cleaner and smoother face than most shavers in the market. The advantage of the four-blade system is that it reduces your shaving time. You will be able to shave faster and still obtain a better shaving result. It does not pull on your beard even when you are shaving faster.
  • Another feature of Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 that gives it an edge over other shavers in the market is its battery and it is charging system. The main strong aspect of this battery is its runtime. The batteries of most products have a 40 to 50 runtime. However, with the battery of this product, you will be able to shave for 60 minutes when it is fully charged. The 60 minutes runtime may be able to deliver up to 20 shaves.
  • The shaver is travel-friendly. It is available in a portable and lightweight design. Besides this, Panasonic includes a traveling pouch in the package for easy and comfortable carriage. The shaver also has a locking mechanism to prevent it from switching on accidentally when it is in your luggage. Thus, you will have a rest of mind that the device will not destroy anything in your luggage.
  • Used for wet and dry shave giving you flexibility in choosing your shaving methods.
  • As customer has noted on Amazon, it delivers a quieter operation more than the razor models of Panasonic. While comparing it with a Remington product, a consumer on Amazon rated it higher.
  • The nice grip and feel it provides makes shaving easier and comfortable.

What I dislike about the Panasonic Premium ES-RF31

  • As a customer has noted the blades of this product runs not as fast as the Panasonic razors.
  • Another customer was not happy with the beard trimmer of Panasonic Premium ES-RF31t, which he described as weak beard trimmer.

Summary of the Review

The Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 is an embodiment of impressive design, excellent performance, portability, lightweight, comfort, reliability and durability. With all its improved features, it is able to deliver efficient and enhanced shaving results. You may consider buying this product if you desire faster and smoother shaving experience. It is also an option for people that want superior shaver but have limited budget. Rather than spending much money on the razor models, you can buy this product at a reduced prize and still obtain a better shaving result. Its quiet operation is simply unbeatable. You can check out the Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 at Amazon.


Brand Panasonic

Model: Panasonic Premium ES-RF31

Shaver type: Foil shaver

Shaving method: wet and dry

Cutting blade system: four blades cutting system

Charging display type: 3-Stage LED

Motor speed: 14000 rpm

AC voltage: 100 – 240V

Power source: lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Runtime: 65 minutes

Charging time: 1 hour

Warranty: 2 years for the parts and 2 years for labor