Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Shaver Review → Get Smooth Shaving

If you are looking for a low cost shaver that will deliver perfect close shave without causing you any pain, skin injury and nick. The Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Titanium Rotary Shaver should be an option for you.

It features flexible heads, which makes for comfortable and smooth shaving experience. It also comes with retractable side and precision trimmer. The product is corded or cordless. Its rubberized grip, titanium steel design and effective battery make usage easy, efficient, comfortable and reliable.

It is also lightweight and portable in case you will like to travel with it. Read on to know more about this product.

Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Shaver Description and Features

If you judge quality by brand popularity and cost, you will definitely disregard this product. This is because it is not as expensive as some products from highly popular brands like Philips and Braun. However, it still contends with them in terms of functionality, reliability, performance and durability. The shaver has titanium steel for durability and comfortable shaving. Its shaving heads are flexible and this helps to make shaving painless, comfortable and smooth. This product also features precision trimmer to enable you trim your beard and sideburn regardless of how long your hairs are. In other words, whether you want close shave or just to trim your beard, you will still find this product useful.

Shaver comes as corded or cordless. As it is a cordless shaver, it comes with a rechargeable battery, which delivers power continuously for 40 minutes when fully recharged. However, the runtime depends on the usage. If you shave every day, you will not be able to use it as long as a person that does not shave every day. However, whether you shave daily or not you need to keep it on charge for 8 hours for it to be fully loaded with power.
Paul Anthony Pro Series Shaver
Just like most models of Braun and Philips, Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Titanium Rotary Shaver is hygienic when shaving. The shaver features a washable head design. When you are done with your shaving, you can rinse the heads under a running tap or in your shower to get rid of particles of hair. In other words, it is waterproof. Exposing it to water will not make the shaving heads or any of its part rust or become corroded. It comes with a cleaning brush, which you will use to brush off particles of hairs even the tiniest hair from the shaver after completing your shaving routing. In this way, your shaver will remain clean.

Summary of the Features

Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Titanium Rotary Shaver is a unique product when you consider that it is highly affordable and yet, it delivers impressive shaving performance. Whether you want closer shave, trim your beard or just to shave some tricky areas, you will be able to achieve your purpose using this product. The shaver is equipped with all necessary features required to deliver an impressive shaving result.

Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Shaver Performance

What I like about the Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Shaver

  • This shaver despite its affordability has gained many positive reviews. Many of the reviewers have praised the low cost, which can make some people disregard it as low quality product. However, its low cost has become its strength – if not the strongest positive point – as it does not affect its performance.
  • When comparing the performance of a Philips rotary and this product, a customer on Amazon observed that this product shaved better. Even though it is more expensive than design 3 Titanium rotary. It provides closer shaves and cuts any hair growing anywhere on your face whether your moustache, beard or sideburn.
  • As noted by a customer on Amazon, the product offers quiet operation. It is quite unlike the Braun MobileShave M-90 that a number of consumers complained against its loud sound when it functioned.
  • The battery retains its charge for a long time. A customer who has used another product was surprised that the battery was still able to deliver power after 2 weeks of usage.
  • The packaging as well as the design is excellent.

What I dislike about the Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Shaver

  • Despite the product been praised for its impressive 40 minutes runtime, it takes time for the battery to become fully recharged. You will have to charge it for 8 hours before fully recharged. Besides, there is no quick recharge option.
  • Though the shave heads easily flip open but the problem as noted by some reviewers is that the retractable heads can come off when you do not want. This sometimes happen when the user accidentally touches the button and it will go off.
  • It is lacking in some of the features available in other models of shavers. For example, the quick charge option available in other models of brands like Philips and Brands are not available in the product.
  • Though many customers recommended the functionality of this product, a few of them were not happy with the closer shave they obtain from it.

Summary of the Review

Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Titanium Rotary Shaver should be an option for individuals that want a shaver that delivers impressive shaving result with lots of features and yet they have limited budget. It is highly affordable and yet combines functionality, efficiency, reliability and performance. However, the battery takes a longer time to recharge but it has an impressive runtime. With the shaver, you will be able to obtain closer shave and trim your beards, sideburns and moustache. Whether you have long hairs or not, you will still be able to use this product and keep your face well cleaned and fresh. The good news is that shaving with this product does not result in any pain or injury. You can check out the Paul Anthony Pro Series 3 Titanium Rotary Shaver at Amazon.


  • Product type: Men’s shaver
  • Power type: corded and cordless
  • Battery type: rechargeable battery
  • Battery charge time: 8 hours
  • Battery runtime: 40 minutes
  • Manufacturer warranty period: 2 years
  • A/C charging adaptor included