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If you are looking for a nice product from a popular brand, the Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720 should be one of the options to consider. The shaver delivers close shaving without causing you any skin irritation.

The shaver combines excellent design, functionality, performance and durability. Its rechargeable battery delivers power continuously for 40 minutes meaning that you can use it to shave for 14 times. You can also use it as a corded shaver. It is also hygienic to use because it is washable with water after shaving.

It is able to adjust to all your face and neck’s curves delivering smoother shave. With its super lift and cut dual blade system, the unit is able to provide excellent shaving thus making your face to look neat and fresh. Read on to know more about this product.

Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720/17 Description and Features

Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720 designed for dry shaving. It comes with all the features that make the routine shaving faster, smoother, comfortable and easier. Created with the patented super lift and cut technology for comfortable and soothing shave. The dual blade system makes it possible for users to obtain closer shaving without having any skin irritation, nick or wound. The mechanism of the dual blade system works very fine. As the first blade is lifting the hairs, the second blade is cutting them perfectly and evenly. With this mechanism, the blades are able to cut the hairs from their root.

Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720/17 is suitable for cutting longer hairs. It comes ultra-thin heads, which are able to capture longer hairs thanks to the slots they have in the blades. The holes in the blades take care of the stubble. Whether the hairs are face, neck or beard, you will be able to shave and trim them using this shaver. It uses advanced shaving method to provide close shave. Rather than making rotary movement in order to deliver a close shave, the unit makes linear movement, which is safer. With such movement, you would be able to cut down the neck without giving yourself any injury.
Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720-17
Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720/17 just like other models of Philips come with one shaver head. However, the shaver head is replaceable every two years. By this time, the initial shaver head should have become ineffective because of usage. If you replace it, you will continue to get a perfect shaving result. As a precautionary move, you have to clean the shaving head once in three months. The shaving heads are washable. You can rinse it with water under the tap. It is easy to clean. Just pop, them open and rinse with water.

You can use this product as a cordless shaver as well as a corded shaver. Tt is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which requires 8 hours to become fully charged. Philips includes a multifunctional display to enable users know when the battery is low, when it is fully charged and when it is charging. If the battery is, 100 percent charged you would be able to use it for nine days without recharging it or for 40 minutes of continuous use or for about 14 shaves depending on how long it takes you to shave. In case you need to shave before going to work and you do not have enough power in the battery, you can use the quick charge option to recharge the unit for 3 minutes and use it for one shave.

Summary of the Features

Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720/17 is a product that combines efficiency, performance, reliability, durability, ease-of-use and impressive design. It comes with all the features it requires in order to deliver a perfect shaving result to the users. The shaving heads are washable under a running tap or shower. It is corded and cordless. It is equipped with rechargeable battery that delivers continuous power for 14 shaves. Indeed, the unit is not lacking in any of the essential features it requires to deliver superior and perfect shaving.

Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720/17 Performance

What I like about the Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720/17

  • This product delivers fast and convenient shaving results. The shaver designed to make routine shaving task easy and quick for men that will like to have a quick shave before rushing out for work. A good number of the reviewers have noted this aspect of the shaver. Again, you can have a closer cut with this product without having any injury, nick or skin irritation.
  • The shaver is hygienic to use because of its corrosion-free and washable flexing ultra-thin heads. Once you are through with cleaning, you will be able to wash the cleaning heads immediately. Besides, you will not find it difficult to pop them open in order to rinse them with water.
  • The multifunctional display of the charging system is one aspect of this product that marks out it from others in the market. There is charging indicator to let you know when the battery is charging; there is battery low indicator to let you know when the battery current is low; if the battery is recharging, you also will be able to tell when it has become fully charged. The quick charge option of the battery is a good option for people that are running a tight schedule.

What I dislike about the Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720/17

  • The shaver is only suitable for dry shave and so people that prefer wet shaving will not be able to use it.
  • The battery charge time is very long when compared with some Braun products that take only an hour to recharge fully. Besides, the runtime is not appreciable considering the fact that you have to recharge the battery for 8 hours to get just 40 minutes runtime.
  • It does not come with any carry-along case and this can make travelling with it somewhat difficult.

Summary of the Review

Shaver well designed to deliver excellent shaving results. It is suitable for people that have it as a routine to shave every morning before going to work or going out. It is also suitable for travelling thanks to its lightweight even though it does not come with any carry case. You may consider buying this product if you prefer dry shaving and if you have constant electric to keep recharging it for eight hours for a 100 percent charge. However, if you prefer wet shaving or if there is low power supply in your location, this product may not be an option for you. You can check out the Philips Shaver Series 3000 PT720 at Amazon.


  • Shaver type: corded-cordless
  • Shave type: dry shave
  • Battery type: lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery runtime: 40 minutes
  • Battery charge time: 8 hours, 3 minutes of quick charge for one shave
  • Colour: arrow blue and white
  • Stand-by power: 0.2 W
  • Maximum power consumption: 5.4 W
  • Voltage: automatic voltage 100-240 V
  • Cleaning: fully washable with water
  • Design handle: Anti-slip ergonomic easy grip
  • Warranty: two years




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Bobbies  on September 27th, 2016

Best I have ever used is the electric shaver Karmin T7.