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Are you are looking for a shaver to travel with or one that you can use anywhere and at any time. If this is the case, the Philips Travel Shaver PQ203/17 is a model to consider.

Philips specifically created this model of their products for people on the go. It is not just lightweight but compact and easy to be utilised. It delivers close cut whether you have long hairs or not.

You will be able to shave many times with it thanks to its two AA batteries. These deliver power continuously more than many products on the market. With the travel pouch provided, you can easily include it in your package when you are travelling. Read on to know more about this product.

 Philips Travel Shaver PQ203/17 Description and Features

If portability is a feature that you are looking for in a shaver, this product will definitely meet your requirements. It is an ideal model of Philips for travelling. It is small and has a reduced weight. Philips has created this product for people on the go. Thus, the company includes a travel pouch in the package. Therefore, there is always a place to put the shaver when you are packing your items during travel.

However, its portability and compact dimension do not affect any aspect of the shaver. Therefore, with it in your hand, whether you are at home or not, you will always get the best look you want. Created with Philips CloseCut shaving system, this makes it possible for you to have close shave without having any pain. Shaving is smooth and comfortable with this system. It also features independently floating heads, designed to follow and adjust your face and neck’s curves as you are shaving. In this way, you will have a painless close shave and look, as good as you always desire.

Another part of this shaver that makes it to stand out among other products is its blades. It comes with a razor-sharp blade, which cuts fine without causing any skin irritation, nick or injury to your skin. The razor blades are however suitable for dry shave. Therefore, if you wet shave, you may experience skin irritation within your first few weeks of using this product. However, given that they are well made razor blades, after some time, your skin will become used to it and you will no longer feel any skin irritation.
Philips Travel Shaver PQ203-17
To ensure that the shaver blades and shaving heads do not hook to anything packed in your luggage when you are traveling, Philips included a protection cap in the package of this product. It also comes with one cleaning brush to enable you to clean up the unit after your shaving routine. In this way, it becomes hygienic to use the shaver since with the brush, you will be able to remove any particle of hair even the finest particle.

The shaver has a battery but not a rechargeable battery. The unit requires two AA batteries in order to function. The batteries are able to deliver power continuous to the unit for 60 minutes. This means you will be able to shave for multiple times before the batteries run out of power. However, you can always travel with spare batteries and so; you can always replace dead ones. It is also easy to find AA batteries in most shops.

 Philips Travel Shaver PQ203/17 Performance

 What I like about the Philips Travel Shaver PQ203/17

  •  One aspect of this product that many customers have commended is its affordability or low cost. In fact, some consumers have noted that they bought the shaver because of its low cost. Therefore, if you are a budget buyer, you should consider buying this product because it is highly affordable and delivers a good result.
  •  Another aspect of this shaver, which customers have noted, is its compact size. A customer on Amazon described it as a pocket size shaver. It is suitable for travel. As it has a reduced dimension. The weight, 0.3 kg, is almost negligible. This will not add anything to your load in case you want to travel with it. With the travel pouch included in the package, you can easily include it in your luggage.
  •  The device uses AA batteries and this seems to be an advantage for travellers. A customer on Amazon reported that he bought this product because of the battery. You can go with spare batteries or buy them from shops where you are. Whether, there is constant power supply in your location, you can still shave with the shaver. If you are on a picnic or excursion in remote place or inside a forest where there is no electricity, you will still be able to shave there.
  • The shaver delivers excellent close shaving as many reviewers have noted it. A customer who has used a Braun body shaver facial element noted that this product delivered better result than Braun did.
  •  It is convenient to use and easy to pack for a travel given its size.

 What I dislike about the Philips Travel Shaver PQ203/17

  •  It is not suitable for a wet shave. Therefore, people who are not used to a dry shave will not be able to use this shaver.

 Summary of the Review

The Philips Travel Shaver PQ203 is a portable and pocket size shaver created for people on the go. It is a cordless shaver powered with AA batteries. It comes with rotary heads and travel pouch for easy packing. The shaver delivers perfect shaving results, specifically meant for a dry shave. Therefore, you can only buy it and avoid skin irritation if you prefer a dry shave. It may not be a suitable option for any person that prefers wet shave as the razor blades may cause skin irritation. Although within the first few weeks of usage before your skin becomes used to it. You can check out the Philips Travel Shaver PQ203 at Amazon.


Shaver type: rotary shaver

Shaving method: dry shave

Number of shaving head: 2

Power type: battery powered

Battery type: AA

Charging time: not applicable

Number of cutting blades: 1

Trim nose/ears/eyebrows: nil

Product weight: 0.38 kg

One Comment

Dave B  on February 25th, 2016

The Philips Travel Shaver PQ203/17 looks from the reviews to be a great travel shaver,the only downsides that I can see until I try it are that it’s not rechargeable or washable and its a throw away product as replacement heads are more expensive then the price of the product,which probably means purchasing seconfull size shaver for more money and weighing up the options of replacing this shaver every year and replacing the batteries.