Remington XR1330 Review → Enjoy a Painless Closer Shave

Are you looking for a shaver that does not pull on your beard during shaving? Do you want a shaver that will be gentle on your skin and still be able to remove the last stubble on your face? If the answer to the above questions is yes, Remington XR1330 is a product that you should know about.

You will find the shaver specifically made for men that prefer closer but painless shaving. Created with HyperFlex technology, active contour technology and ergonomically designed.

Therefore, it is equipped with all necessary features that make it possible for the product to deliver better shaving results. Whether you prefer dry or wet shave, the unit will serve your purpose. Read on to know more about it.

 Remington XR1330 Shaver Description and Features

As you are shaving with this product, you will enjoy a smooth and seamless transition from your face to your neck and vice versa thanks to the HyperFlex technology used in creating the shaver. This technology features a neck that is able to rotate fully at 360 degrees. It works together with the flexible heads of the unit following and adjusting to the contour of your neck and face during shaving.

Another feature of this product that distinguishes it from other product is its Active Contour system, which is peculiar to Remington. This technology makes it possible for the shaver to adjust to every angle making it possible for the unit to deliver more comfortable, closer and painless shaving result than most other products would give you. The unit also comes with enhanced precision ultra-cutter technology. With this technology, shaving becomes more comfortable regardless of your shaving method, wet or dry. The cutters in this feature have holes, which are for the cutting of stubble. There are also slots in the cutters, which take care of long hairs. With this arrangement, the shaver will be able to remove all hairs.
Remington XR1330

This device is for dry or wet shave. This is because of its waterproof ability, which makes gel, foam or water to have no damaging effect on any part of the shaver whether made from plastic or metal material. The waterproof ability of the shaver makes the shaver hygienic. After shaving, you will be able to clean and rinse the shaving head under running water. In this way, it will remain neat and free from any hair particle for your next shaving time.

The unit comes with three circular heads. There are two circular blades in each of the head, which maintain dual track during shaving. In other words, the two blades move in opposite direction and thus deliver closer shave without pulling on the user’s beard.

The unit is a cordless shaver powered by a lithium-ion battery, which requires 4 hours to charge fully. When it is fully charged, it delivers power for 50 minutes. It comes with a charging stand to make charging more efficient and less burdensome as it will reduce the space the shaver will occupy. The stand also serves as a travel case and prevents the shaver from switching on when it packed in your luggage. The charging indicator helps you to know when the battery fully charged as well as the level of power remaining in it.

 Summary of the Features

Remington XR1330 made to deliver superior shaving result. You will not experience any nick, scrape, and pain, injury on the face, rashes and the likes as you shave with this shaver. This is thanks to the technologies and features available in it. It is suitable for travel given its lightweight and that charging stand that serves as a travel pouch. The shaver is a product that combines sleek design, reliability and performance.

 Remington XR1330 Shaver Performance

 What I like about the Remington XR1330 Shaver

  •  It comes with an ergonomic design and nice grip, which makes usage very easy. The product will fit perfectly in your hand thanks to its compact size and slip-free grip it provides. For a customer on Amazon, the grip as well as the shape of this unit is a perfect example of an ergonomically achieved design.
  •  The battery lifetime is quiet decent when you consider the fact that most models of other brands deliver 40 minutes runtime. Another strong side of the battery system is that it comes with indicator that enables you to know when the battery is running out of power and when it is fully charged. With the indicator, you do not have to be disappointed or over charge your battery.
  •  The shaver is very efficient in providing closer shaving without pulling on your hairs. As noted by some customers on Amazon, it delivers painless and smooth shaving result. A customer who had a Braun product before prefers this model of Remington to that.
  •  Another user has praised this product for its low cost. It is an option for people that require superior shaving but they are on a limited budget. Rather than spending money on expensive shaver, you can opt for this model and still get smooth and comfortable shaving.
  •  You can use the device immediately you remove it from the box as the battery comes charged. Even though it is good to charge it before using but if you are in a hurry, you will still be able to shave with it once you receive your package even without charging it.
  •  It is hygienic to use this shaver, as it is washable thanks to its waterproof ability.

What I dislike about the Remington XR1330 Shaver

  •  The charging time is one of the downsides of this shaver. You will require 4 hours to charge it while most models of shavers today take only an hour to charge. The long charging time does not make it to deliver higher runtime. It still gives a 50-minute runtime like other products.
  •  A reviewer in Amazon who bought the shaver for her husband complained that he never got a perfect shave with the product.

 Summary of the Review

Remington XR1330 is moderately price. It seems that its affordability does not affect its efficiency and reliability. A good number of reviewers in Amazon and other online marketplaces that have used this product have left positive feedbacks even though there are few negative comments. Therefore, if you are looking for a low cost but efficient shaver suitable for travel and home use, you may consider buying this model of Remington. Based on the experience of the previous users, you will get perfect shaving result from the shaver. However, you should not expect too much from it considering its cost. You can check out the Remington XR1330 at Amazon.


  •  Shaver brand: Remington
  • Technologies: HyperFlex, ActiveContour XL, PrecisionPlus Head and ComfortTrim
  • Shave methods: dry or wet
  • Power: battery
  • Battery type: lithium ion battery
  • Battery charge time: 4 hours
  • Battery runtime: 50 minutes
  • Blade type: stainless steel
  • Charging indicator: yes
  • Warranty: 2 years limited guarantee and 60-day money back guarantee